Kristoffer A. Diel SAMS® AMS® | Principal Marine Surveyor | (504) 236-8151 |

Memberships & Associations

SAMS® - The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®

Accredited Marine Surveyor® – #870
Former Vice President – Testing

ABYC - American Boat and Yacht Council

2002 – ABYC Standards Accredited Member
2018 – Certified Electrical Technician

IAMI - International Association of Marine Investigators

Certified Marine Investigator # 77

USNI - U.S. Naval Institute

Life Member

Chapman School of Seamanship

Graduated Head of Class – Yacht and Small Craft Surveying
2005 – 2015 Instructor for Damage Class for Surveyors

USCG - United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Boatpokers - Email Forum for SAMS® Members

BOAT/US - Technical Information Exchange for Professionals


SNAME - Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers


NLUS - Navy League of the United States

Life Member

Seven Seas Cruising Association

International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc.

PCNOLA - Propeller Club of New Orleans