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Consulting Services

Every boat owner (or potential buyer) has different needs and expectations for their vessel.

There are many circumstances and occasions when a formal survey may not be precisely what a client needs. I can tailor my services to meet your needs. A solid background in vessel construction, repair, and operations gives me the ability to address issues and processes that surveying alone just cannot accomplish.

Consulting services can include timely inspections of overhaul, refitting, or major systems repair. I will work with the builder or repair facility and schedule visits and inspections at crucial points in the process. By conducting such incremental inspections I can assist all parties in being in compliance with the Federally mandated rules and other “best practice” recommendations required by the insurance companies. I then report back to the client with recommendations to accept work and proceed, or recommend any changes that may be necessary. The time to find out about discrepancies is not the date of delivery!

Before making a purchase, I can offer advice and direction about the type of boat to best suit your requirements. During a major refit, new equipment installation or total new construction commission, the selection of materials and components can be difficult at best, and quickly become overwhelming. Let me help you make this process an enjoyable and educational experience, not a headache!

Please consider allowing me to assist you in making your dreams come true, instead of becoming a nightmare.